Spectrum Compatible Modems (2020 List)

If you use Spectrum’s cable internet, you might be thinking “why would I need to look at Spectrum compatible modems when they will give me one for free?”

Well I am here to tell you why: Spectrum’s modem isn’t really free.

You pay for that “free” modem in a $5 monthly wireless fee, in a lack of network efficiency, and in the lack of control you have over your network. This is why you need to buy your own modem.

Benefits Of Having Your Own Spectrum Approved Modem

Spectrum Compatible Modems List

​Better Internet Speeds

Take a moment and think about what you are doing with your internet right now. At this moment, you are browsing, but you might also be streaming music or videos. You might be an online gamer.

Spectrum has no idea the amount of speed that you need to accommodate your usage and devices. Since they don’t know, you are better off getting a modem that you know will be able to handle your needs.

No More Rental Fees

We all could do with saving a little bit of cash. Why would you waste your hard-earned money by giving to your ISP when you can do away with rental fees altogether by buying your own modem?

 Spectrum likes to be tricky, however, making it seem like they are giving you a modem, when they are still charging you $5 a month to use it. It is not really much of a gift after all.

More Control & Extended Coverage

When you think about all of the security issues that are always popping up with the internet, you need the most security and control over your network you can get. You also need your router to reach your entire network.

Spectrum’s modem simply is not up to the task of giving you the best coverage and control. Instead, when you buy your own Spectrum approved modem, you get to decide how much control and coverage you get.

Here's Why Modem Router Combo Is Better Than Separate Units

If you are under the impression that you should buy a modem and router separately, we are here to tell you that your assumption is wrong. This is why.

  • Don’t Waste Your Money: If you have money to burn, do it on something more fun than buying a separate router. Buying the devices separately can be pricy.
  • Beautify Your Home: It is hard enough to conceal one device; don’t make it harder on yourself by buying two that you need to blend in.
  • Less Hassle: Two units means two set-ups, installations, and updates. Why put yourself through it twice?

Installing Your Own Spectrum Modem Router

  • Make sure you are using a Spectrum compatible modem router.
  • Plug the coaxial cable (goes to the cable jack) to the wall jack on one in and the other to the port on the modem.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable into the modem’s Ethernet port and attach it to your computer.
  • Plug the modem into your power outlet.
  • On your computer, open a web browser and type in your modem’s address.
  • From there, go along with the set-up wizard if there is one. If not, follow your modem’s guide for instruction.

3 Best Spectrum Compatible Modems (2020)





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1. Motorola MG7700

Editor's Choice

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear C7500

High Performance

3200 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Motorola MG7315

Budget Friendly

450 Mbps

4 Ports


1. Motorola MG7700 Modem Router Combo

Best Spectrum Compatible Modem (Editor's Choice) 

We know you are looking for the best Spectrum approved modem that you can get. This is why we recommend the Motorola MG7700.

This modem router combo is made to give you what you need. The router is impressive, because it is an AC1900 dual band (both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz) Gigabit router. That is enough power to work for the average modem network. This router also has something called Power Boost, which is a little extra power to get your signal to all of the devices that need it.

The modem itself has four Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as a firewall for added protection. It is recommended for ISP speeds up to 650 Mbps, which most ISPs can’t even reach at this point. That means, this is modem will not be obsolete in the near future, but should last you a long time.

2. Netgear C7500-100NAS Nighthawk

High Performance 

Sometimes, you need a little extra power. If your network really needs that high performance modem, the Nighthawk C7500-100NAS is just what you need.

One of the things that makes the Nighthawk C7500 a higher performance Spectrum approved modem than others is that it has four antennas. They might make your modem look like a spaceship, but they also are giving you a more powerful signal, allowing your coverage to reach everywhere you need it to.

The Nighthawk is more than a simple modem, but it is also a router and a 4 Gigabit Wired Switch. Combined with the DOCSIS 3.0, this modem has a lot of offer. Really, this is a great choice if your network is going to be doing some heavy streaming from multiple devices. This is made possible by the 1.0GHz processor, which gives you an extra power boost.

3. Motorola MG7315 Modem Router Combo

Budget Friendly

You know, sometimes we all need to watch our budget. But just because you are paying attention to the cost of things does not mean that you should miss out on internet speeds. That is why we recommend the Motorola MG7315 as the best option for a Spectrum supported modem on a budget.

Don’t let the nice price make you think that the MG7315 will not deliver on coverage. This modem is a DOCSIS 3.0, the best you can get, with a Gigabit router. It also gives you a firewall, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, and operates on the 2.4GHz band.

Now the speeds you get from this modem will not be the same as a high performance modem, but they are reliable at 145 Mbps. The router offers Power Boost, which can ensure that your wireless coverage will reach your entire network.

Spectrum Compatible Modems List 2020

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