Intel Puma 6 Modem Chipset Defect + Do Not Buy List

Did you know that you need to be avoiding Intel chipsets? Have you heard of a chipset? Even though the concerns over the Intel Puma chipset have been ongoing for a number of years now, the news did not reach all consumers, especially if you weren’t in the market for a modem when it happened.

We want to just take a minute and go over what the Intel Puma 6 modem chipset defect is and what you need to do to avoid it.


If you need a quick refresher, a chipset is a piece that controls how information and data moves through a motherboard. More specifically, on a modem, the chipset works with the processor, memory, and the peripherals, controlling the communication through the device.

The Issue

The Puma 6 chipsets had been out for a while before the chipset defect was brought to anyone’s attention. It was found that the Puma 6 chipset had a weak spot that left them open to outside attack, as in if someone had your IP address, they could hop onto your network and either slow you down or disable your modem.

What’s worse is that this vulnerability was also found in the Puma 6’s predecessor, the Puma 5, as well as the successor, the Puma 7. So pretty much, it is safe to assume that the Puma series of chipsets are generally not to be trusted.

The Modems Affected

You might now be wondering what any of this has to do with your modem. Well, your modem might still contain a Puma series chipset, which means you would need to replace it as soon as possible. The modems that were affected by this defect include:

  • ARRIS DG1660
  • ARRIS DG1670
  • ARRIS DG2460
  • ARRIS DG2470
  • ARRIS DG3260
  • ARRIS DG3270
  • ARRIS DG3450
  • ARRIS SB6190
  • ARRIS SBG6950AC2
  • ARRIS SBG7400AC2
  • ARRIS SBG7600AC2
  • ARRIS SBV3202
  • ARRIS TG1652
  • ARRIS TG1662
  • ARRIS TG1672
  • ARRIS TG1682
  • ARRIS TG2472
  • ARRIS TG3452
  • ARRIS TM1602
  • ARRIS TM3402
  • ASUS CM-32
  • Hitron CDA3
  • Hitron CDA3-35
  • Hitron CGN3
  • Hitron CGNM-2250
  • Hitron (CGNM) CGNM-2252
  • Hitron CGNVM-2559
  • Hitron CGNM-3550
  • Hitron CGNM-3552
  • Hitron CGNVM-3580
  • Hitron CGNVM-3582
  • Hitron CGNVM-3589
  • Hitron CODA-45
  • Hitron CODA-4502
  • Hitron CODA-4580
  • Hitron CODA-4582
  • Hitron CODA-4589
  • Hitron CODA-46
  • Hitron CODA-4602
  • Hitron CODA-4680
  • Hitron CODA-4682
  • Hitron CODA-4689
  • Hitron CODA-47
  • Hitron CODA-4702
  • Hitron CODA-4780
  • Hitron CODA-4782
  • Hitron CODA-4789
  • Linksys CG6350
  • Linksys CG7500
  • Linksys CM3016
  • Linksys CM3024
  • NETGEAR C6300
  • NETGEAR C6300v2

How To Avoid It

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you don’t own one of the modems that are listed above. Then, when shopping for a new modem, make sure that it is not one of those models. Most of the time, products that contain Intel chipsets will state as much on the outside of the box, but that is not always the case. If you are in doubt in any way, you need to read the packaging on your modem and find out where the chipset is listed to confirm.

Class Action

There actually is a class action lawsuit that is going on for people who had a Puma 6 or Puma 7 chipset and feel like their security was compromised.

If you don’t care about a class action lawsuit and your modem has a defective chipset, go out and replace it now. They were revealed in 2016, so it has been long enough to warrant you buying a new, safer modem regardless.

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