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Undoubtedly, your ISP has given you the option of renting one of their modems instead of using your own. While it seems like the easy way out, it is actually a sneaky way that ISPs nickel and dime their customers.

Buying your own modem not only will save you money, but it will also give you the type of coverage, security, and speeds that you specifically need. It is an easy to find modems that are compatible with your ISP without renting from them. ISPs that allow you to use your own modem include Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, Verizon, WoW, SuddenLink, Mediacom, and so many more.

Top Reasons To Buy Your Own Modem / Router

  • No More Rental Fees: Rental fees add up over time. It doesn’t take long to reach over a $100 a year simply to use your ISP’s modem. Buying your own modem/router saves you a lot of money in the end and you get to pay for the modem once rather than indefinitely. When you rent a modem, you never stop paying for it.

  • Faster Internet Connection: A high performance modem/router will be able to really give you the speeds that you need. Even if you have the most customer-friendly ISP ever, you still are more likely to get better speeds from your own modem/router rather than renting one directly from your ISP.

  • Better Wireless Coverage: Think about your home. Think about all of the rooms that you hang out in or anyone in your home hangs out in. Those spaces all need to have reliable wireless coverage. You know the size of your network and the type of coverage you need, so it is better for you to buy a modem you know will work.

  • Parental Controls: Maybe you have kids, are planning on kids, or even have guests that you would like to limit internet access for, like kids. In any case, you will need to have the ability to lock down and protect your network as you need to.

The Difference Between A Modem And A Modem Router Combo

While they are often confused with one another, a modem and a modem router combo are not the same thing. A modem brings the internet into your home and a modem router combo is a modem with a wireless router built-in. Here’s why you want a combo:

  • Less Expensive: Buying a combo unit means that you only have to buy one unit.
  • Easier to Use: You only have to install one device with a combo unit.
  • Better Updates: Keeping two devices updated at the same time is tricky.
  • Troubleshooting: When your internet is having trouble, it is harder to troubleshoot with two units rather than one.

Different Types Of Modems & Internet Connections

Compatible Modems List

Cable Modem

Cable internet is one of the most popular forms of internet. Most homes or apartments already have a cable jack installed to give easy access to the cable company to give you service. Many cable companies offer more than just cable channels, but now will provide cable internet as well.

DSL Modem

DSL modems connect directly to your telephone jack, regardless of whether you have a landline, since DSL connections happen through telecommunications companies. If you do have a landline, you can use a splitter on the jack to have one cord go to your phone and one to your DSL modem.

Satellite Modems

The best thing about satellite internet is that it really is available anywhere that has a satellite connection. The modem works by projecting a signal toward satellites in space and in turn receiving the information from the satellite. It is not the fastest internet, but it is available in remote places.

Fiber - Doesn't Use Modems

Fiber internet is a little different that other internet types. They do not rely on a modem to bring internet access to your space, but instead bring the internet directly to your house. You need to buy a router to get WiFi, but the ONT box that fiber uses replaces the need for a modem.

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